Author: Polina Linnik

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Author: Polina Linnik


Polina is a web-journalist, financier, and appraiser. She has a Degree in Economics from the full-time department of the Higher School of Economics (HSE). She received further education in Valuation of Real Estate and Business. She is a Content Writer on the topics of work in offshore entities, banking, investments, and tax legislation. She is skilled in preparing reference content for media resources. Polina regularly updates her expertise and skills in SEO operations.

Her articles are based on an in-depth study of information on legal issues and business cases. Besides data obtained from proven sources, she refers to topical associate experts for consultations. Her articles are useful both for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs who are planning to develop business abroad, including Hong Kong and China.

Polina’s articles answer topical questions about offshore business, including the following ones:
- How to register a firm in an offshore zone?
- What are the advantages of different jurisdictions?
- How to avoid tax sanctions?
- How do different offshore schemes work in practice?
- What do I need to know about profit repatriation?
- How do international agreements affect the operation of offshore companies?
- What are the requirements for economic operation in different jurisdictions?