Author: Orlova Oxana

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Author: Orlova Oxana


Oxana has a Degree in Technical Studies and Economics. She is a web journalist with 8 years of cooperation with well-known news media on the RuNet. Her main expertise is in Law, International Business, Finance, and Immigration. Since 2019, he has been contributing offshores-related content to the portal.

Specialty and themes:
- offshore news;
- offshore incorporation (Panama, Luxembourg, Saint Lucia, Marshall Islands, Seychelles, Gibraltar, Dominica, Jersey, Cyprus, Nevis, Malta, Macao, Mauritius, etc.);
- business in Turkey, Europe, Germany;
- citizenship by investment;
- bank accounts set up and tax planning.

All her articles are based on reliable information obtained from official websites of regulatory authorities and legislative structures of each relevant state. For commercials and reference texts about partners’ offers, she collects much additional information through interviews with the goods/services providers and customers, legal advisors, and economic observers from around the world.
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