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Author: Oleksandr Babyn

Author: Oleksandr Babyn

Email: [email protected]

Oleksandr is a Lead Columnist on foreign banks and payment systems, FinTechs, and cryptocurrencies in foreign jurisdictions: Japan, Switzerland, Australia, as well as on business and life in Georgia, elite real estate in Cyprus, corporate services, and offshore companies.
Education: Major in Economics, Master degree in Banking. Work experience: 16 years at major banks of Ukraine (TOP-10 by totals assets). Since 2012, he has been publishing articles on financial and banking topics on well-known profile web portals. Since 2018, he has been a member of this portal team.

- cooperation with partner entities in Georgia;
- design and publication of cases on the topics of business, registration of companies, bank accounts set up in Georgia;
- cooperation with property development companies in Cyprus, publications of articles about elite real estate in Cyprus;
- articles about FinTechs and cryptocurrencies in Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, and other advanced jurisdictions;
- analytical articles on citizenship, residence permits, real estate, business in the UK, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Georgia, offshore jurisdictions;
- on-going study of legislative acts of offshore jurisdictions and countries that use incentive tax regimes.
Viewz by Danube: Where Every Apartment Is Aston Martin Masterpiece

Discover Viewz by Danube: a residential masterpiece in the style of Aston Martin. Luxury and comfort in every detail. Viewz by Danube: perfectly located in the heart of vibrant Dubai. Enjoy easy access to Dubai's key destinations as a resident and an apartment owner in Viewz by Danube. Invest in Viewz by Danube to experience high returns from luxurious real estate in Dubai.

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What is the Best Business to Start in Serbia?

Are you looking for a European country where it would be profitable to start your business? Serbia is a good choice. On the one hand, it has all the benefits of a European country, such as good conditions for business and a well-developed banking sector and other infrastructure. On the other hand, it offers tax benefits and special economic zones that make your business a much less costly affair. And if you want to move to a European country, company registration in Serbia offers an opportunity to get a residence permit and later acquire the right to permanent residence. Read on to discover more.

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How You Can Protect Your Assets from Creditors, Lawsuits, and Greedy Relatives

If you would like to protect your assets, you have a choice of several mechanisms that can help you achieve the goal. The most efficient asset protection instruments include trusts (domestic and offshore), limited liability companies, marriage contracts, and pension plans. Which option you should prefer depends on the type of assets that you would like to protect as well as your personal situation.

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Free Zones in Panama: How They Stimulate Economic Growth

Are you looking for a good and reliable jurisdiction to register your company? Panama could be the answer. The country has a number of free economic zones where companies get additional benefits, including lower taxes. Read our article to find out more about the special zones as each of them has its own peculiarities that may be just right for you. What is more, we will help you complete company registration remotely, without ever needing to visit the country. And this is a great benefit for busy people who save their time for more important things. Read on to discover the opportunities in Panama!

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Main Aspects and Nuances of Paying Rental Income Tax in Turkey

What rental income does Turkish real estate generate? How does tax residency affect rental income tax on real estate in Turkey? Rental income tax and rental income tax rates in Turkey. Reporting rental income tax on Turkish real estate. How can you reduce rental income tax on Turkish real estate? Calculating rental income tax on Turkish real estate – two examples. Several vital aspects as to how you shall pay rental income tax in Turkey.

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Buy Houses in Turkey: Best City Choices to Buy Real Estate and Get Top Value for Money

Real estate prices in Turkey as of January 2023. Top locations in Turkey to buy a house and generate investment returns Esenyurt – leader of property sales in Turkey. Alanya – No. 2 in real estate sales. Çankaya – the most prestigious district of Ankara to buy real estate. What is the best place and city to buy residential properties in Turkey to enjoy life to the fullest? Buy property in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, and Antalya. The best city to buy a house in Turkey in light of earthquakes.

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The Pillars of the Panamanian Economy: a Short Review

The economy of Panama is rapidly recovering from the recent global crisis. The growth rates of up to 9% per year are impressive. The service industry is the largest sector of the Panamanian economy: it accounts for three quarters of the country’s GDP. Other large sectors of the economy in Panama are the mining industry and agriculture.

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Top Industries That Produced Most Millionaires

Would you like to know the industries that produced the majority of millionaires and billionaires? You may be inspired to start your business in one of them (and we can help you with all administrative issues). We have analyzed Forbes and Bloomberg rankings to see the top industries where wealthy people earn millions, and there are just a handful of them. Millionaires take care to constantly develop, so you may also be interested to know the main trends they are likely to follow in 2023. Finally, we looked at the cities that attract the majority of wealthy people. Read on to find out!

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What Is Fintech and How Do Technologies Transform Finance Industry?

Introduction to fintechs. What is the origin of fintech? What are the fintech elements? Mobile payments, online banking, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, digital currencies, blockchain technology, and consultant robots. How does fintech influence the consumer market? Interesting facts about fintech. Top fintech ecosystems: startups, respected financial institutions, technology providers, regulators, and investors. Top-10 fintech ecosystems in 2022.

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What are the key categories of fintech?

What are the most important types of fintech companies today? What kinds of services do they deliver? What can you do to start a fintech company? Expert assistance and advice.

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How Billionaires Legally Save on Taxes

We all know that billionaires have large fortunes, and still they manage to legally pay modest amounts of money to tax authorities. How do they do so? Of course, they have financial and tax advisors who solve these issues for them. Not all strategies are available to people with an average income, of course. However, we can have a close look at what the rich people do to keep their wealth almost intact. Interested? Read the article to find out what ten ways can be applied to reduce the tax burden and – the main thing – how to do so absolutely legally. And if you need help, our consultants are there to assist.

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Can an Offshore Company Own Property in Great Britain?

An offshore company is entitled to be the owner of real property located in the United Kingdom. The name of the company UBO has to be reported to the corporate register in the country. However, if the offshore company is owned by another company, the personal name of the property UBO can remain concealed.

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How Do Rich Avoid Stamp Duty?

What is stamp duty: introducing the concept. How can high net worth individuals save on stamp duties? Property purchase through an offshore company or a trust, exemptions, investments in smaller properties, transfer of ownership, property purchase in lower-price districts, stamp duty refunds, rentals, negotiations, and deferred purchase decisions. Stamp duty – examples. Rules and regulations as to stamp duty payments in Great Britain, Germany, Greece, India, the USA, and Australia.

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How Can I Live Tax-free?

How to make tax-free money or pay less taxes on your income? Our experts have prepared a detailed guide on tax-free living and legal ways to reduce tax liabilities.

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Why Do Rich People Use Holding Companies?

A holding company is a valuable instrument that can be applied in different situations, and rich people often create this business structure to take advantage of its benefits. First of all, a holding company can be used to protect assets, and this is essential if you have wealth. The structure will also help you reduce the tax burden and safely invest in startups (you will not be liable with all your assets in this case, just with the amount invested). You can optimize your expenses, divide your inheritance between family members, and even become exempt from US property tax – read on to find out.

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