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Author: Marina Lermontova

Author: Marina Lermontova

Email: [email protected]

Marina is a Lawyer-Translator, graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), with many years of cooperation with major news and information resources dedicated to business, investment, and law. She is a Content Writer and researcher specialized in business immigration to the UAE; company registration and account opening in the Arab Emirates. Her articles are based on the holistic analysis of legislative acts and study of official public resources, case studies, as well as the ongoing monitoring of news. Consultations of immigration and corporate lawyers help her consider facts from a practical perspective and come up with articles that provide really valuable applicable recommendations and insights. She continuously revises her published materials and adds and updates the content in case of changes in legislation or other relevant aspects mentioned in the articles.

Her texts highlight and consider in detail such issues as follows:
- company registration in the UAE (the options of localized companies, offshore companies, and companies in the free zones);
- the UAE resident visa application (the fastest and most advantageous ways to apply for a visa);
- the UAE tax residency (for individuals and legal entities);
- the UAE bank account opening (corporate and private accounts, procedures, and possible difficulties in different situations);
- economic substance in the UAE;
- purchase of a real estate in Dubai and other Emirates;
- free economic zones (FEZ) in the UAE;
- legislation of the Arab Emirates;
- business immigration to the UAE (opening of new companies, branches of existing companies, re-domiciliation of companies in other jurisdictions);
- family immigration to the UAE (application for visas for family members);
- education in the UAE (local and international schools and universities).
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