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Author: Bogdan Nikolenko


Professional web-journalist. Widely known among participants of reputable SEO forums. Has been contributing articles for major Internet resources and platforms of different profiles since 2007.

As a team member of our portal, specializes in research and articles on the following topical issues and news:

• Company registration in Great Britain (LP, LLP, LTD - all about the types of companies that can be opened in the UK, requirements for registration, specifics of incorporation in offshore jurisdictions, ‘locally’, and in free economic zones);
• Registration of companies in England, Scotland, on the Isle of Man;
• Taxation in Great Britain (how to qualify for lower tax rates, the benefits and advantages of this jurisdiction, taxes for individual persons and businesses);
• Residence permits, permanent residence in the UK (how to move to the country, a detailed description of these services, advantages of obtaining a residence permit and relocation);
• UK Visas (all meaningful details about the visa types - Tier, family, student, etc.; updates on visa rules and regimes, annual modifications, breaking news);
• Company registration on the Isle of Man (differences between the same types of local entities and entities in the UK, advantages, and benefits);
• Bank accounts set-up on the Isle of Man.

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