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Author: Bogdan Nikolenko

Author: Bogdan Nikolenko

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Professional web-journalist. Widely known among participants of reputable SEO forums. Has been contributing articles for major Internet resources and platforms of different profiles since 2007.

As a team member of our portal, specializes in research and articles on the following topical issues and news:

• Company registration in Great Britain (LP, LLP, LTD - all about the types of companies that can be opened in the UK, requirements for registration, specifics of incorporation in offshore jurisdictions, ‘locally’, and in free economic zones);
• Registration of companies in England, Scotland, on the Isle of Man;
• Taxation in Great Britain (how to qualify for lower tax rates, the benefits and advantages of this jurisdiction, taxes for individual persons and businesses);
• Residence permits, permanent residence in the UK (how to move to the country, a detailed description of these services, advantages of obtaining a residence permit and relocation);
• UK Visas (all meaningful details about the visa types - Tier, family, student, etc.; updates on visa rules and regimes, annual modifications, breaking news);
• Company registration on the Isle of Man (differences between the same types of local entities and entities in the UK, advantages, and benefits);
• Bank accounts set-up on the Isle of Man.

Top chart articles on the Dominican Republic. Also, the most recent useful information about applications for the Dominican Republic visas, residence permits, permanent residence permits, details of services facilitating clients’ relocation to new permanent places of residence.
Buy Residences in Turkey – Unique Offers

Advantages of investing in Turkish real estate. Properties to consider in Istanbul, Turkey. Agora Residences, Astra Tower, and Euphoria Park apartments for willing investors. Location, characteristics, advantages, and details of each project. District amenities and apartment prices. Assistance with real estate sale and purchase deals in Turkey. Real estate consultations from industry professionals. Expert legal support and help with residence by investment program participation.

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Get Your Dream Apartment in Downtown Istanbul

High-end elite real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, for picky real estate investors. The Azure Residence, the Bona Fide Kartal, and the Cloud Nine Residence projects as your top real estate investment opportunities. Characteristics of each apartment complex. Location, infrastructure, and prices. Advantages of residential properties in Turkey.

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Appealing and Reasonably Priced Apartments in Antalya

Reasons to purchase properties in Turkey. The Beryl Park and Beryl Residence apartment complexes in Antalya as priority choices for real estate investors. Turkey as a true real estate investor’s paradise. Advantages of the Avsallar district. Apartment characteristics and prices in the Beryl Park and Beryl Residence projects. District amenities. Real estate consultations from pros.

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Invest in Posh and Luxury Istanbul Apartments in Turkey

Ways to become a successful real estate investor in Turkey. Things to do and things to avoid. Coral City, Diamond Town, and Crown Top properties for sale in Istanbul, Turkey. Characteristics and advantages of each real estate project. Apartment prices. Reasons to choose Turkey as your real estate investment destination.

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Seasaw Blue Furnished Apartments in Istanbul – Your Right for Turkish Citizenship

Seasaw Blue furnished apartments in Istanbul, Turkey as your ticket to a happy and trouble free life. Superb amenities offered by the Seasaw Blue apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey. Opportunity to receive a Turkish passport and secure yourself a better future. Real estate characteristics and apartment types in the project. Benefits for real estate investors in Turkish residential properties.

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Nacre Houses – Your Wise Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Real estate in Istanbul, Turkey as an opportunity to receive a Turkish passport and secure yourself a better future. Apartment types and prices in the Nacre Houses apartment complex. Advantages of the Bağcılar district in Istanbul, Turkey. Assistance with any legal issues and paperwork for potential investors in the Nacre Houses real estate.

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Get Apartments in Laila Island or Lapis Square Apartment Complexes

Luxury or family apartments in Istanbul, Turkey as your chance to become a Turkish citizen and enjoy a variety of opportunities offered by the country. Advantages of being a real estate owner in Turkey. Details of every project. Apartment specifics and prices. Current state of residential real estate market in Turkey. Assistance offered with real estate sale and purchase deals.

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Luxury Apartments for Sale in Prestigious Grandeur Heights Apartment Complex

Top-class apartments in Istanbul as your opportunity to become a real estate investor in Turkey and secure a safe and trouble-free future for yourself and your family. Temptations of Grandeur Heights apartments. Project specifics and prices. Discount for cash payments. Support and legal assistance with even the most challenging real estate deals.

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Felicia Park and Lace Serene Residences as Smart Investment Decision

Real estate investment in Turkey as your reliable investment option and a way to secure your future. Reasons to decide in favor of Felicia Park or Lace Serene residences in Istanbul, Turkey. Parameters and characteristics of each apartment complex. Beneficial payment terms. Legal assistance and support with your real estate deals in Turkey.

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Night Star Tower Apartments – Your Ideal Properties to Invest In

Sisli district as a popular Istanbul neighborhood. The Night Star Tower real estate project and what it has to offer. Unmatched benefits of the Night Star Tower residences. Apartments for sale in the Night Star Tower apartment complex as your opportunity to invest in Turkish real estate and become a citizen by investment in Turkey.

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Northern Star Residences – Enjoy Living and Working in Same Location

Northern Star real estate - benefits of investing in elite properties in Istanbul, Turkey. Elegant apartments with top-notch amenities and modern offices. An excellent investment opportunity for businessmen and private entrepreneurs. Discounts from the developer and payment by installments. A unique chance to work from where you live. Investing in the Northern Star apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey as an eligibility criterion to partake in the Citizenship by Investment Program.

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Live Your Dream — Purchase Luxury Ottoman Panorama Apartment

Ottoman Panorama real estate - why invest in these limited offer apartments in Istanbul, Turkey. Sleek properties for classy investors. Discounts from the developer and payment by installments. The one and only opportunity to get it all under one roof. Property characteristics. Advantages of investing in the Ottoman Panorama apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey. Costs vs discounts and preferential payment options.

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Park Essence Apartment Complex: Luxury Offer for investors in Istanbul, Turkey

Park Essence apartments for investors seeking a peaceful, fulfilling yet luxurious life in Istanbul, Turkey. Your opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. A real chance to save money by purchasing an apartment in a half-built luxury estate project in Istanbul, Turkey. Well-thought architectural design from award-winning architects. Opportunity to pay by installments and ultimately get your dream apartment in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Purchase Your Luxury Park Beau Apartment in Istanbul, Turkey

Park Beau apartments - an appealing investment option for people looking for a safe haven and a chance to live a quiet and serene life in Istanbul, Turkey. A unique chance to get your all-in-one package. Benefits you will enjoy as an investor in the Park Beau real estate complex in Istanbul, Turkey. Property prices and payment terms. Strong points of purchasing an apartment in the Park Beau Real Estate Complex in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Park Jade Avenue Apartment Complex in Istanbul, Turkey

Park Jade Avenue Apartments for well-off investors in luxury real estate in Istanbul, Turkey. A real chance for both local and foreign investors. Benefits you will enjoy when investing in a high-end Istanbul apartment. Park Jade Avenue - the best deal for students and small families in Istanbul, Turkey. Combination of well-developed infrastructure and competitive prices. An excellent opportunity to find your paradise on Earth in Istanbul, Turkey, and become a Turkish citizen.

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Blue Rhapsody – Huge Bargain for Real Estate Investors

Blue Rhapsody Apartment Complex for every investor in luxury properties in Istanbul, Turkey. Available even if you are a foreigner. Advantages of investing in high-quality Istanbul real estate and properties. Blue Rhapsody - a premier choice for families with kids in Istanbul, Turkey. Well-developed infrastructure and competitive prices. An excellent opportunity to take root in Istanbul, Turkey, and take part in Citizenship by Investment program.

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Copper Land Real Estate Project in Istanbul

Copper Land real estate for those willing to invest in real estate in Istanbul, Turkey. Advantages of Investing in real estate in Istanbul. Copper Land - a real estate project in the very heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Appealing amenities, location, and apartment prices to suit every budget. A good start to become a Turkish citizen in no time or move to Europe or US later on.

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Lush Sky Residences in Istanbul, Turkey

Lush Sky Residences for investors in real estate in Istanbul, Turkey. Scandinavian comfort in the center of а busy metropolis. Benefits dwellers will enjoy. Attractive apartment prices and infrastructure of the district. Your excellent opportunity to get a residence permit in Turkey under the Economic Citizenship Program.

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High-Quality Apartments in Sevenhills

Sevenhills Apartments for investors in real estate in Zeytinburnu neighborhood (Istanbul, Turkey). Everyday comfort and security at reasonable prices. Advantages offered to potential dwellers. Grounds to secure a safe purchase and a chance to receive a Turkish passport. Expert advice and facilitation.

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