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The biggest portal about international asset protection and diversification

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Asset protection is about using legal strategies to protect what is rightfully yours. There is always someone to protect assets from: fraudsters, unscrupulous competitors, greedy ex-spouses, ambulance-chasing lawyers or corrupt government officials.

The greater your wealth and the more assets you have, the more likely you are to be sued. However, you can start with small steps: anonymous payment cards protect against identity theft (because you don't reveal your identity), a simple offshore trust and a foreign bank account are all good steps towards asset protection that don't need to cost you the earth!

The mere fact of having your assets in another country already makes them harder for others to trace.

After that: offshore asset protection trusts, foundations, offshore private banking and other individually-tailored solutions.

Asset protection also takes into account the protection of personal data - because anyone with access to your personal data can use it to steal your identity. Or potentially to access your money, legally or illegally.

InternationalWealth portal can refer you to the best offshore asset protection lawyers who will offer individual solutions to protect your assets. Reach out [email protected] to schedule your asset protection consultation.

Below, you will find a selection of the most popular and interesting articles on offshore asset protection.

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Asset Diversification: What Is It All About?

What is asset diversification? A diversified portfolio and its components. Manufacture diversification. Business diversification. Investment portfolio diversification. Economic diversification. Diversification of activities. Diversification types: horizontal and vertical. Risk diversification: pros and cons. Summing up.

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Management of Inherited Assets: How HNWIs Protect the Future of Their Families

HNWIs need to use well-thought-out inheritance planning strategies to make sure they not only transfer their capital to heirs in the best way possible but also arrange for capital increase in the future. This involves such actions as reducing the tax burden (taxes can eat up a considerable share of money), giving proper education to heirs so that they can manage the money wisely, setting up structures that will help with inheritance management, such as a family office or a trust, and engaging experts to take care of it all. Let’s see how wealthy people go about their inheritance.

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Transfer of Assets Abroad in 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Learn how you can transfer assets abroad in 2024 with no issues. Tips for beginners: taxation, your goals, and currency risks involved. Transfer your assets abroad: here’s how. Foreign bank accounts. Offshore companies for lawsuit protection, tax savings, and estate planning. Securities and offshore funds. Brokerage accounts and the opportunities they offer. Overseas real estate.

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Levels of Responsibility in Asset Management: Finding Your Ideal Asset Protection Partner

Responsible parties in securities management. Essential documents to request from clients before starting collaboration. How clients and asset managers begin working together. Responsibilities of an asset manager. Who keeps assets under custody? Custody fees. Who manages other assets? Types of trust funds. How to make sure your trustee is qualified? Delegating responsibilities to a trustee: what can they do?

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Is Asset Protection the Same as Security?

Asset protection and asset custody in planning financial security. Differences between the 2 concepts explained. Asset safekeeping services: asset security, asset custody, and asset securitization. How asset securitization works for accounts receivable, mortgage loans, and securities. Professional asset evaluation to get the most benefit from your assets.

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How You Can Protect Your Assets from Creditors, Lawsuits, and Greedy Relatives

If you would like to protect your assets, you have a choice of several mechanisms that can help you achieve the goal. The most efficient asset protection instruments include trusts (domestic and offshore), limited liability companies, marriage contracts, and pension plans. Which option you should prefer depends on the type of assets that you would like to protect as well as your personal situation.

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Asset Protection: A Complete Guide For Dummies

Do you want to take care of your asset protection? If you don’t know how to start, here is an article for you. We look at the main notions associated with the topic of asset protection, consider possible ways of legal protection, and see how it all works. You will find out how the trust structure can protect your assets and who are the founder, beneficiary, and trustee. You will also discover why courts cannot seize your assets under certain circumstances and why your trust may be considered a fraudulent scheme in some cases. Please contact our experts for competent advice on asset protection.

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Safe Investments to Protect Your Money

Where do you keep your money to protect it? Most people do not think outside depositing their funds with a bank. However, this investment has its drawbacks: it is safe, but it does not beat the inflation rate. Money protection involves taking measures to prevent devaluation, and this requires seeking new investment opportunities. With this in mind, we have compiled the safest ways to invest your money and looked at different strategies. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration: for instance, the strategy will differ for a child and for a senior citizen. Read on to find out more.

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What Does LLC Protect You from: Choosing Jurisdictions and Strategies to Protect Personal Assets

What is asset protection and how does an LLC protect you? When do LLC protections fail? Does an LLC protect your personal assets – strategies that work. Basic legal strategies to use an LLC to protect personal assets of the owner. LLC liability protection for founders – conclusive statement. Professional assistance and individual consultations from International Wealth for more efficient asset protection and LLC formation.

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Where Do the Super-Rich Keep Their Money and Insure It in 2023?

Billionaire money keeping strategies. Learn where billionaires keep cash and how they invest their funds. Investing as a millionaire: where do rich people keep their money in investments? Trusts for millionaires and billionaires: enjoy the best asset protection out there. How do millionaires insure their money? Assistance with asset protection and many more from International Wealth.

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US Clamps Down on Crypto: Nevis to the Rescue

The US regulators are going to introduce changes to the laws regulating the activity of US crypto investors. What does that mean in practice? According to US officials, they are just trying to protect their residents from illegal transactions. However, crypto traders see this as an attempt to end the era of free crypto flow and impose strangling control over each move they make. As a result, they are looking for a different solution – and find it in the offshores. In particular, Nevis has ambitious plans for crypto investors that the country’s Prime Minister has announced fairly recently.

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Sad Case of Civil Asset Forfeiture in the USA

Civil asset forfeiture can be avoided if you take care of it on time – before it really happens. The twin brothers from the USA, Brian and Ed Krassenstein, IT specialists that made online platforms to post ads on, never thought this could happen to them, so they didn’t take any measures. They didn’t violate any laws, but still had a part of their asset forfeited after going through long proceedings (and paying quite a fortune to attorneys). Read their sad story (which had a happy ending, though – at least better than it could be), and see the recommendations of our experts on how this can be avoided.

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Trust Professionals: Why Top Asset Protection Lawyers Prefer Nevis

Are you thinking of the most reliable way to protect your assets? There is no better option than a Nevis trust, which is the No. 1 choice for all asset protection lawyers. Nevis has a special legal framework that makes it almost impossible for any person from outside Nevis to get to your assets. In most cases, your creditors will pay more than they can potentially get, and this will surely dissuade them. A Nevis trust is also used as an inheritance management structure, and it helps to considerably save on taxes. Reads the article to find out more – and contact our experts for help!

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Should you Use a Belize LLC to Protect Your Domestic Assets?

Belize is an offshore jurisdiction that is not so widely known as Nevis, the Cook Islands or the Seychelles. However, it gives truly significant advantages in terms of assets protection: high confidentiality level and a lot of barriers in the country’s judicial system which make it very hard for any lawyers who are after you to seize your assets or get to you in any way. Even US laws are unable to break through the Belize legal framework – however, additional precautions should be taken in this case. A Belize LLC is a stronghold protecting your domestic assets – read on to find the details.

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