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Do you need to quickly assess prospects for business, investment, and life in a specific country? You are in the right place!

This page is a handy library of links to articles about countries and regions.

Click on the name of any jurisdiction and explore the local specifics:

  • products and services available in the selected country;
  • company registration and business development policies;
  • requirements for opening accounts with banks and payment systems;
  • opportunities to obtain a residence permit, permanent residence status, citizenship;
  • investment environment: investment funds, trusts, real estate investment opportunities;
  • recent and current changes: laws, rules, incentives;
  • useful tips for those planning to move and do business in another country.
Each region offers sui generis opportunities. While one jurisdiction may be more beneficial for starting a profitable trading company, another may be a perfect place for obtaining a banking license.  The library of links will take you to any destination of your choice, where you can instantly find volumes of useful facts.Most articles feature information and tips on opening accounts, company formation, trusts, foundations, residence permits, citizenship programs, lifestyles, investments, real estate, as well as the latest news.

If you know exactly what you need, please go to the page of the relevant country, explore its features, and book our expert services.

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  • you will save your money, as you will avoid mistakes in choosing the jurisdiction, business structure, bank, or other solutions for your business;
  • you will get access to the most up-to-date information, which is a great advantage, because our industry changes very quickly, so recommendations and information that were relevant three years ago, might be invalid and even dangerous today;
  • you will learn about special offers and most favorable terms, as we consider each client’s circumstances, status, and aspirations and come up with tailored solutions, individual advice, and novel approaches.

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