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A lot of readers ask us the question "Is it still possible to remain anonymous offshore?"

The fact is, KYC and due diligence in the offshore world is generally stricter than onshore. Sometimes clients are shocked that an offshore bank asks for a lot more documentation than your typical main street bank in an onshore country.  In the UK or the USA, you can still form a company without anyone checking that the data you provide is real - whereas that would never be possible in the offshore world. 

Offshore is not about anonymity, but about privacy. Privacy is a basic human right. Offshore, it is still possible to legally avoid automatic reporting such as CRS and FATCA. It is possible to protect and encrypt confidential data using offshore servers. It is possible to protect against frauds and identity theft.

Cryptocurrency potentially offers 100% anonymity. But… how do you move your assets between your private and public worlds? That is where "private" and "anonymous" both have their uses.

All in all, there's a big worldwide debate about privacy and transparency, anonymity and pseudonymity in the offshore world.

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Below, you will find a selection of articles on offshore anonymity.

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Are offshore companies anonymous?

Are offshore companies anonymous?

Can you keep the information about your offshore company ownership secret? You can but only to a degree. Tax authorities will have this information anyway.

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