Advertising on the Portal

For advertisers is a reliable source of information that helps entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals create and successfully develop their international and online business by the most advanced techniques and capital protection methods.

The portal was founded in 2011 and has expanded since then into the largest corporate online database and promotion platform covering services tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as major companies.

Promotion and Advertising Options

Articles published in the portal.

This is the most effective and feasible way of introducing your brand, products, or services to the readers and updating them on relevant specifications and advantages.

The detailed manuscripts are written by the portal editorial team working as hard as it takes to receive the customer’s absolute approval. We do care about the reputation of the portal and carefully check each advertiser, so the advertising article gets published without the Partner Material label. Each article includes up to 3 links to the advertiser’s website and contact details.

An alternative option is to publish a smaller article on the Yandex Zen and Medium channel.

The newsletter e-subscription.

Articles forwarded to readers’ e-addresses are a great opportunity to convey your messages right to the target audience. The materials are compiled by the portal editorial team, and each emailed article includes up to 2 links and contact details of the advertiser. Please note that the links given in the articles lead only to the portal.

Articles in social networks.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Live Journal, OK, VK, Subscribe – each is an effective channel for reaching a broad range of potential customers. You can prepare the texts by yourself or ask our editorial staff to write your articles.

News published in the Telegram advertising platform

Telegram messages come with the #sponsored hashtag , and this is a guaranteed method to drive the unlimited public interest to your brand and enhance its recognition. In each publication, there is 1 link to your website or channel.

For the best results, we recommend mixing different approaches.

Publication fees

FormatFee, EURQuantity Discount for the 2nd orderQuantity Discount for the 3rd order and the 4th orderQuantity Discount granted from the 5th  order onwards
Package: An article + An article in the Newsletter + An article in social networks149010 %20%30%
An article on the portal –
7000 characters
An article in Yandex Zen/Medium – up to 4000 characters39015%20%30%
An article in the Newsletter39015%20%30%
An article in social networks280Fixed-price
News on the Telegram channel190Fixed-price
  • You can check if there are any promotional and additional discounts by contacting the Sales department at .

Methods of payment

  • By transfer to our current account in EUR/USD
  • By Bitcoin