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The biggest portal about international asset protection and diversification

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Do you want to open accounts in foreign banks, successfully pass an audit, and avoid problems with tax authorities? Always pay close attention to your company's bookkeeping. For business offshore or internationally, keeping finances under control is equally if not more important.

In this section, we consider the features of accounting and book-keeping services in different countries, the difference between offshore and onshore companies, and the required documents.

Even if you run a simple LLC or single member company and are not required to present accounts, every jurisdiction these days requires you to keep accurate accounting records and make them available to the Registered Agent. To comply with this requirement, and to smooth your relationship with banks and business partners, we recommend you maintain your books to recognized international standards. Remember - in the future regulations can only get tougher, and it will be much easier and cheaper if you do things properly from the beginning.

We can help you set up the required accounting services for your offshore company, trust, foundation etc. It doesn't matter whether or not you formed it through Offshore Pro Group, but if you didn't, we will be happy to provide a competitive quite for professional company administration services as well. The best way to contact us is by email, briefly explaining your situation and needs:   [email protected].

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most important articles on the topic of accounting and book-keeping for international companies, that you will find below.

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11 Most Common Mistakes in Small Business Accounting and Methods of Their Elimination

Money is the lifeblood of any business, you know. And constant control of the way your money is spent is a prerequisite of success for your undertakings. Budding entrepreneurs often fail to pay enough attention to accounting or make common mistakes, which makes their decisions less effective or even results in business bankruptcy. Needless to say, misrepresentations in the company’s accounting reports may even entail criminal proceedings. This article is focused on the mistakes that can be easily avoided, which means that your business will be free from many pitfalls. Read on to find out.

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