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Day: 10 April 2024

Published 3 articles
British Virgin Islands: the Best Tax Haven in the World

The BVI is a tax haven because it charges no income, capital gains, inheritance tax as well as a number of other taxes. However, companies registered in the jurisdiction are not completely tax-exempt. The payroll tax and the social security tax are due anyway. Besides, annual company registration fees and stamp duties have to be paid.

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Management of Inherited Assets: How HNWIs Protect the Future of Their Families

HNWIs need to use well-thought-out inheritance planning strategies to make sure they not only transfer their capital to heirs in the best way possible but also arrange for capital increase in the future. This involves such actions as reducing the tax burden (taxes can eat up a considerable share of money), giving proper education to heirs so that they can manage the money wisely, setting up structures that will help with inheritance management, such as a family office or a trust, and engaging experts to take care of it all. Let’s see how wealthy people go about their inheritance.

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Money Matters: A Closer Look at the British Virgin Islands’ Economy

Where does the money come from in the British Virgin Islands? Tourism in the BVI: hotel industry, cruises and excursions, plus taxes and fees. The BVI’s financial and business landscape. Agriculture’s impact on the BVI economy: sugar cane plantations, vegetable and fruit cultivation, poultry and livestock farming, plus the fishing industry. The BVI’s industrial sector. BVI’s economic progress.

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