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Day: 23 May 2023

Published 6 articles
Synopsis Summit Comes to Istanbul on October 5–6, 2023

The international web3 summit Synopsis announced that its 6th edition will be held offline in Istanbul on October 5–6, 2023. Synopsis Istanbul is devoted to all things digital economy and web3. It suits seasoned industry professionals, newcomers, projects willing to broaden their reach, and individuals eager to know where the industry is heading next. The […]

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Is It Illegal to Use Offshore Tax Havens?

Some people will claim that using offshore tax havens is illegal but such claims are wrong. Under international pressure, offshore jurisdictions have become totally transparent for tax authorities, which makes it perfectly legal to start an offshore company or open an offshore bank account. At the same time, attractive tax benefits are still available in offshore countries.

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Offshore Zone Enigma: Evolution and Contemporary Significance

How and why are offshore territories established? Why do governments strive to set up offshore zones? What nations have set up offshore zones, and where are they? Offshore company types. What benefits do offshore zones offer for entrepreneurs and governments? What does the government gain from an offshore zone? Offshore perks: popular schemes explained. What are the profitable locations to open an offshore company in 2023–2024? Why would you set up an offshore company – final thoughts.

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