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Day: 17 May 2023

Published 4 articles
Which Country Citizenship Is Hardest to Get?

Theoretically, you could become a citizen of any foreign country. In practice, however, some national states make it very hard to obtain their citizenship. Luckily, this does not apply to all countries of the world. There are several citizenship-by-investment opportunities that allow acquiring foreign citizenship in a fast and simple manner.

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What Are Nominee Directors: Their Business Roles and Risks Involved

What is a nominee director? Risks associated with nominee director services. Why have a nominee director? Beneficiary confidentiality: how might a nominee director help? Compliance-driven company registration: leveraging nominee director services to meet requirements. Elevating company image and validating its tax residency through a nominee director. Nominee director’s liability. Nominee services: a short summary.

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Salaries in Uruguay by Profession in 2023. What Job Can a Foreigner Get?

Thinking about relocating to Uruguay? You will not have to care about employment if you have a passive income or you work remotely for an employer abroad. Otherwise, you will need to think about getting a local job. Our article will help you take a look at the employment market in Uruguay in 2023 and see which professions are in the greatest demand. You will also find out why living in Uruguay is sometimes considered expensive though the prices do not exceed those you will find in most developed countries. Look at the minimum and average salary in Uruguay to see how you can earn your living.

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