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Day: 20 April 2023

Published 2 articles
Estonia as the World’s Best Tax Haven: Advantages and Peculiarities

Estonia is a country with the world’s best taxation system, and this fact is recognized by the world’s ratings. Its system is copied by other countries, which is a sign of its high quality. Estonia is attractive for budding entrepreneurs who wish to register a company in the EU: it offers no tax on income reinvested in the business, and it has almost done away with bureaucracy. The reporting in Estonia will take much less time than in other countries, which is appreciated by businessmen. Many holding companies choose Estonia to be the center of their activities. Discover more in the post.

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Why You Should Apply for an Active Investor Visa and How You Can Do It

An active investor visa allows relocating to a foreign country and engaging in business operations there. Unlike citizenship-by-investment or golden visa programs, active investor visa programs require living in the foreign country on a permanent basis. At the same time, the required investment amount is considerably more affordable than the amount required for obtaining a second passport or a golden visa.

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