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Day: 27 March 2023

Published 5 articles
Ultimate Guide to Mauritius Tax System in 2023

The article discusses Mauritius as a midshore jurisdiction, which has favorable tax rates and is respected internationally. It compares Mauritius' tax structure with classic offshore jurisdictions, outlining the tax rates for individuals and corporations.

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Can I Have an LLC and Do Nothing with It?

It sometimes happens that you open an LLC but subsequently stop all business operations – or fail to start them at all. What happens to your company in this case? You may think that it does not exist because it does not operate. However, it looks different from the legal point of view: your company still exists, so you have at least an annual duty to pay. But how to make your company work for you even if you are not planning to actively engage in any business operations in the near future? There are five ways of using an LLC in this case. Read the article to discover them and benefit from your abandoned company!

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How Much Does It Cost to Start an LLC Abroad?

How much does it cost to start an LLC abroad? How does the total cost add up? What should you consider when buying or forming an offshore LLC? How can prof. services and expert counseling help you with an offshore company setup?

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