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Day: 20 February 2023

Published 6 articles
What Is an Example of Diversification in Business?

What is diversification strategies, and how to apply them in business? Such questions are of interest to many of our readers. Our experts have prepared illustrative business diversification examples so that you can better understand this issue.

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Trusts: New Rules for Beneficiaries

Are you going to set up a trust to keep your assets safe for yourself or for your progeny? Or maybe you are looking for a stronghold that will ensure the protection of your funds from creditors or relatives? You may also be a trust owner – and in this case, you have to keep your finger on the pulse of the trust laws. This article is for all of you who need updated information on the functioning of trusts and the degree of confidentiality which is currently possible. Our experts will tell you about the two important European directives and changes that have taken place in the European legal framework.

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Offshore Company Registration in Singapore in 2023: Detailed Guidance and Expert Advice

Are you looking for a good jurisdiction to form a company? Consider Singapore. This is a midshore where you can form an offshore company to enjoy tax incentives and the pro-business environment of this bustling destination. Companies registered in Singapore enjoy a high reputation all over the business world, so any bank in any country is open to them. They will also be welcome as business partners and parties to different beneficial agreements. Can you register an entity in Singapore on your own? No way: you will need a registered agent. Read on to find out more details and see how we can help.

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