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The biggest portal about international asset protection and diversification

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Offshore, Mid-Shore, and Onshore Industry Hub

Welcome to the Offshore Pro Group web portal of the worldwide offshore business industry! This is the most comprehensive hub of expert reviews and the latest news on offshore solutions, foreign company formation, attractive mid-shore destinations, tacit advantages of onshore jurisdictions.

You can turn to our experts for personal legal advice on company registration, bank accounts opening, licensing, professional assistance in foreign citizenship, and asset protection matters.


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Offshore services | Mid-shore services | Onshore services

We provide services to private individuals, HNWIs, and companies from all over the globe. Asset protection, access to new markets, and cost optimization via international business structures: this is what we offer to those who value their time and other resources and those who seek predictable results.

Company registration services

  • Offshore company registration (offshore LLCs and BCs)
  • Foreign company registration
  • Offshore trust and fund registration
  • Midshore and onshore trust and fund registration
  • Nominee services and professional director services in offshore, midshore, and onshore jurisdictions
  • Virtual office / Real office
  • Assistance in economic substance acquisition: websites, offices, company personnel, etc.
  • Accounting support in offshore, midshore, and onshore jurisdictions


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Bank account opening services

  • Free consultations on selecting the offshore/ foreign bank account
  • Opening an offshore bank account
  • Opening a foreign bank account
  • Opening accounts with payment systems
  • Investment/ broker’s bank accounts abroad
  • Metal accounts in offshore banks
  • Exclusive bank accounts under external management


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Certificate, permit, and license acquisition services

  • Assistance in acquiring tax residence certificates 
  • Tax resident status acquisition
  • Business optimization consultancy
  • Banking license acquisition 
  • Financial licenses
  • Crypto licenses
  • Yacht and jet registration


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Legal residency and foreign citizenship acquisition services

  • Legal residency in foreign countries  
  • Legal residency by investment
  • Foreign citizenship/ second passport by investment
  • Tax resident status acquisition


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Latest news from offshore, mid-shore, and onshore jurisdictions

Offshore Pro Group experts and industry leaders publish the most recent and the most urgent information about various offshore, mid-shore, and onshore jurisdictions at portal. Our reports cover events that cannot be overlooked by decision-makers.

  • Breaking news from international financial, banking, and business centers.
  • Case studies of offshore, mid-shore, and onshore companies and bank accounts within the real-life context of de-offshorization, automatic information exchange, and lack of banking privacy.
  • Practical advice on fund or trust registration abroad for asset protection purposes.
  • Guidelines on the uses of funds and trusts. Fresh ideas for tax residents of any jurisdiction. 
  • Free expert consultations on international banking and available opportunities to set up accounts with the world’s top banks: remotely or on an in-person visit, directly with the bank or via an External Asset Manager (EAM). 
  • Details of the legal ways to acquire a second passport / citizenship. 
  • Updates of the most exclusive and most lucrative opportunities to acquire a tax residence or a second citizenship by investment into the government-approved real estate.
  • Country-specific guides on acquiring residential visas, legal residence permits, and full citizenship in developed and developing countries. 
  • Calendar of conferences, workshops and other events where the best industry professionals discuss relevant issues.

You can rely on us

  • Some of our experts have over 20 years of extensive experience in opening bank accounts as well as in matching structures and strategies to business objectives.
  • Our consultants take part in international conferences on asset protection, immigration services, trust services, and they design new offshore industry services and products.
  • Our team maintains close contacts with the leading international experts.
  • Offshore Pro Group continuously extends the list of offshore, mid-shore, and onshore services. We come up with relevant fresh solutions for contemporary challenges.
  • The design of novel business structures often embracing several offshore, mid-shore, and onshore jurisdictions has allowed many clients to step up their asset protection and capital growth.

Offshore zones for life and business

The word ‘offshore’ often refers to a country that offers low taxes and protection of personal information. However, some mid-shore and even onshore jurisdictions also provide for such opportunities so they can be referred to as ‘offshores’ too!   

Many countries offer tax incentives to foreign nationals who come to set up their companies.

Our articles discuss tax havens, their tax incentives, disadvantages and advantages of residence in such jurisdictions, as well as income taxes for physical persons.   

Every offshore, mid-shore, and onshore country has its specific methods of attracting foreign investments and wealthy foreign investors who might want to relocate there for good.

Would you like to learn the details of corporate and trust legislation in various countries to find the best environment for company, holding, and trust formation? 

Would you like to set up a safe and cost-effective personal or a corporate bank account abroad?

Would you like to know what jurisdictions with territorial taxation systems are off the lists of offshore zones?

You are welcome to order an instant personal consultation or read the country-specific articles on this portal.

Is it legal to set up an offshore/ foreign company?

An offshore/ foreign company set up is perfectly legal. You can own companies in as many national states as you wish.

The only requirement is that you should comply with your home country’s legislation. Some countries have CFC (Controlled Foreign Corporation) regulations that oblige citizens to declare the ownership of a foreign company to the home country’s authorities. 

How can I open an offshore/ foreign bank account?

A foreign bank account is the first step towards risk diversification and asset protection. When you have parts of your financial assets in different accounts, you can never lose your entire wealth. Even if something happens to one of the accounts in one of the countries, you will have money in other banks and other countries.

Before you decide to open a foreign bank account, you have to specify for yourself your purpose: investments, savings, everyday purchases, etc. Besides, you have to consider the geography of your prospective transactions, their volume, and currencies. After you have made up your mind about these issues, please contact our experts and they will recommend the most suitable banks to you.
The next important step is preparation of the application documents and their submission. The application documents must look ideal. Only if they do so you can have a chance to obtain services from a foreign bank. This is why people who prefer predictability in their results apply for our assistance in preparation of application documents and in establishing contacts with the bank.

How can I open a foreign bank account remotely?

Today, it is possible to set up a bank account without leaving home via the Internet. You can submit scanned copies of the application documents such as your passport, proof of address, corporate documents for a corporate account, and so on.

Applications for bank services can be submitted via the bank’s website even though foreign applicants are rarely entitled to this opportunity. The application can also be submitted via an intermediary such as Offshore Pro Group. We will inspect the documents for completeness, introduce you to the bank managers, and give you useful tips and hints on how to communicate with them. Our intermediary services will simplify and expedite the process of setting up a foreign bank account.

After you submit the application portfolio you will have to wait for the bank’s decision. If everything is fine your account will be opened, and you will be able to transfer your funds.

Is a second citizenship legal?

When you have the passport of a national state, you can freely live on its territory, visit the neighboring countries, and make investments under lucrative conditions. Not all countries allow dual citizenship but many do.

If your home country allows having several passports, acquiring foreign citizenship is perfectly legal. You can become a citizen of a foreign country via naturalization if you live there permanently for several years. You can also find a foreign country that grants citizenship to foreigners in exchange for investments into business, state funds, or real property there.

Where can I acquire foreign citizenship by investment?

Several countries in the world offer second citizenship by investment. They include Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Malta, Cyprus, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Montenegro, Turkey, Vanuatu, and some others.

Depending on the particular country, you can invest money into a special Government fund, into business, or into real estate there. The required investment amount can be anywhere between US$ 100,000 and 2.5 million euros.