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Best Offshore, Midshore, and Onshore Services

Company registration and foreign bank account opening. Assistance with obtaining tax residency in foreign countries. Assistance with the application for foreign citizenship by investment. Registration of trusts and foundations. Fee-based business optimization consultations. Free consultations on foreign bank account opening. Nominee services and professional directors. Virtual offices and economic substance provision. Websites for offshore companies. Accounting support for classical offshore/ foreign companies. Banking, financial, and gambling licenses. Registration of vessels and aircrafts. Exclusive bank accounts with external asset management opportunities. is a corporate business portal belonging to Offshore Pro Group and dedicated to international business, assets protection, and capital growth. Here you will find:

  • Daily latest news from international financial and banking centers of the world.

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  • Real cases of using offshore, midshore, and onshore companies and accounts in the time of de-offshorization, automatic exchange of information, and absence of bank secrecy.
  • Advice and suggestions on how to set up and use a trust or a fund for asset protection purposes.
  • Free consultations with specialists in international banking and real offers to open bank accounts in the best banks of the world both directly and via an External Asset Manager. Assistance with foreign bank account opening includes professional advice on most appropriate banking options and acquisition of a provisional approval of the application for banking services – Pre-Approval. Assessment of the possibility of opening a bank account for a classic offshore company. Evaluation of completed application forms and inspection of the conformity of the displayed information with client’s documents.
  • Detailed information about legal ways of obtaining a second passport. Readers of portal receive regular reminders and fresh news about special offers to acquire second citizenship by investment or by a donation to the state fund. We warn our readers about fraudulent schemes offering cheap foreign passports.
  • Information about the most beneficial and simple ways of obtaining tax residency in a foreign country or second citizenship by investing into government-approved real estate there. Exclusive offers!  
  • Detailed information about obtaining visas, residence permits, permanent residency and citizenship in developed countries with strong economies. Procedures, links to official resources, lists of required documents, details, insider information about possible bureaucratic delays, and various specific aspects.
  • Facts about tax planning for new immigrants.
  • Professionals’ in the offshore and asset protection industry contact details. Possibility to set up a business and acquire qualified legal/ accounting services abroad.
  • Alternative investment ideas (exclusive alcohol, art, vintage, veteran cars, etc.).
  • Useful contacts for investors into precious metals and stones.
  • Asset protection and risk diversification mechanisms.

Offshore Pro Group consultants and the authors of the business portal as well as the leaders in the industry daily publish fresh unique information about the best services in the offshore industry and cover important events.

You will also find the following information on the pages of business portal:

  • Separate sections dedicated to various offshore, midshore, and onshore jurisdictions.
  • A list of the best offshore services.
  • A calendar that will help you find fresh articles.
  • Information about conferences, seminars, webinars, etc. where the best professionals in the industry participate.
  • Information about new corporate taxes and automatic information exchange agreements. Analyses of de-offshorization process efficiency in different countries.
  • Information about new corporate taxes, personal income taxes, and abolished taxes. Corporate and personal taxation news from different countries of the world. Top most efficient countries from the taxation viewpoint.
  • Analyses of the trends in the national taxation systems.
  • Information about new citizenship-by-investment programs and analyses of the changes and improvements in the existing economic citizenship programs.

Best services in classic offshore jurisdictions and those without an offshore stigma

Many of our clients say that our portal InternationalWealth and Offshore Pro Group was recommended by their friends, acquaintances or business partners for the solution of almost any goal connected with asset protection and international business optimization. Indeed, some our consultants deal with opening foreign bank accounts and business structures for more than 20 years. Our young consultants regularly take part in international conferences on asset protection and immigration services. Knowledge, visiting professional events and business experience of our clients gives us the opportunity to offer creative and nonstandard schemes that make offshore closer to real business with required for this purpose substance.

We constantly extend the list of services that we provide to our clients.

Best tax havens in the world that do not have offshore reputation

While you are paying MAXIMAL taxes, your competitors who have optimized their business and tax residency can spend more funds on advertising, salaries, and improving the quality of their services and developing their businesses.

If you and your family have second passports, you thus have an escape route if an emergency arises.

When starting a business, you spend a lot of time and effort and expect the taxes to be reasonable. And when you seek to optimize your tax burden you may look for countries that have loyal tax systems, fast Internet connection, good infrastructure, warm climates, and the sea. As your capital grows, you may want to live in a perfect house in a stable country where your children will be happy and successful. If paradise cannot be found in your country of birth, you can relocate without any stress by use of a citizenship-by-investment program. Nowadays, asset protection, business optimization, and even primary capital acquisition walk arm in arm with immigration opportunities.

In the articles found at business portal, we provide information about tax havens taking into consideration not only the tax benefits for your business, but also pros and cons of living in the country and the taxes levied on private individuals there as well. With the help of our articles, you can choose your ideal country for living and doing business.

Each onshore, midshore, and offshore jurisdiction has its own unique style of attracting foreign investments. Singapore, for example, attracts foreigners by offering progressive business formation opportunities. Hong Kong-registered companies are well fit for doing business with China and making international payments in USD and HKD. Caribbean countries attract investors by offering citizenship by investment opportunities. European countries provide residence permits in exchange for investments in real estate or business ventures. Cyprus and Malta in particular provide for economic citizenship opportunities. Many EU countries provide traditional banking and asset management services.

Would you like to learn about the benefits of various national corporate and trust legislations in order to choose the most suitable jurisdiction for registering a trust, a holding, or a fund there? How can you set up a new company and open a bank account at a reasonable price? What countries with territorial taxation systems are not on the offshore countries list? You can find information about each country by reading the articles at our portal or by requesting a personal consultation from our specialists. We provide information about the most exciting and the hottest products and services available in every tax haven.