What benefits does citizenship
of Antigua and Barbuda bring?
The most affordable citizenship for the family
Antigua and Barbuda offers the most affordable second citizenship to family applicants in comparison to other countries that run similar investment programs.
Low-tax jurisdiction
Fiscal residents of Antigua and Barbuda do not pay the personal income tax on their global earnings. You can acquire fiscal residence of the country if you stay there for at least 183 days in any calendar year.
Full confidentiality
The Antiguan authorities do not share the information about their new citizens with the authorities of their home countries and neither do they publish this information anywhere.
A variety of investment options
There are four different routes to Antiguan citizenship. Two of those require non-returnable donations while the other two allow making returnable investments.
Visa-free travel to Great Britain, Schengen zone, and other destinations
The Antiguan passport gives free access to about one hundred and fifty national states including the Schengen zone countries and Great Britain (even after Brexit).
Visa on arrival
Electronic visa
Standard visa
Antigua and Barbuda on the map

How much does Antiguan citizenship cost
and who is eligible to apply?

A foreign national above 18 years of age is eligible to apply for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda. The applicant shall possess sufficient funds, have a clean criminal record, and be in good health. The main applicant can add his or her relatives to the application for Antiguan citizenship including the spouse, children of up to 28 years of age, and parents of over 58 years of age. If children between 18 and 28 are included in the family application, they have to be full-time university students and be financially dependent on the main applicant.

Citizens of the following countries are not eligible to apply for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda: Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan. If the person was born in one of these countries but emigrated to Canada, Great Britain, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE before coming of age, they are eligible to apply. If the person born in a ‘black list country’ has been living in one of the ‘white list’ countries for over 10 years and if they have no economic ties with their country of birth, they are eligible to apply.

The candidate for Antiguan citizenship has to choose one of the four available investment options. The first option is to make a non-returnable donation to the National Development Fund (NDF). The second option is to make a donation to the University of West Indies Fund (UWIF).

The NDF is used to finance the local health care and education systems, build new roads, and implement other project of social significance. The UWEF is used to finance the construction of a new campus of the University of West Indies on the island of Antigua. The donation to the UWEF entitles one applicant family member to attend the University free of charge for one year.

Besides, the Antiguan passport can be acquired in exchange for a five-year returnable investment in real property in the country or in a business venture there. The investment can be made only in Government-approved development project and business ventures. If you choose to invest in real estate, you will be entitled to let your property on a lease right after purchasing it. Please see the table below for the required donation/ investment amounts depending on the preferred option.

Single applicant or family of
four or less
Family of five or more
Investment options
Donation to the NDF
US$ 100 000
US$ 125 000
Donation to the UWEF
US$ 150 000
US$ 150 000
Investment into real estate
US$ 200 000 *
US$ 200 000 *
Investment into business
US$ 400 000 **
US$ 400 000 **
Additional fees***
Application processing fee
US $ 30 000
US $15 000 ****
Due diligence fee
US$ 7 500 – main applicant
US$ 7 500 – spouse
US$ 2 000 – children 12-17 years of age
US$ 4 000 – children 18-28 years of age and parents above 58 years of age
US$ 0 – children below 12
Passport issuance fee
US$ 300 per person

* The fee of US$ 30,000 covers the processing of the application from a family of up to six members. For each extra family member an additional US$ 15,000 is due.

** This offer holds only in case a joint investment is made with at least two applicants for citizenship investing US$ 200,000 each. If an individual investment is made, the minimum required amount is US$ 400,000.

*** The minimum amount is applicable if at least two people make a joint investment, each of them investing at least US$ 400,000 while the total investment amount comes to at least US$ 5,000,000. If an individual investment into business is made, the required amount is US$ 1,500,000.

**** Ten percent of the application processing fee is payable at the moment of application documents submission. This sum is non-returnable even if the application for Antiguan citizenship has been rejected.

***** If the number of the applicant family members exceeds five, an additional application fee is due for every extra family member.

The candidate for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda also has to use the services of a licensed immigration agent who will help prepare the application documents, make the required payments, and meet all the obligations. The agent will support the client throughout the application process. The local legislation does not allow filing the application documents directly to the country’s authorities but only via an immigration agent.

Besides, during the first five years, the citizenship is not passed on to the main applicant’s children automatically. The following additional payments are due:

•  Dependent children of 0 to 5 years of age – US$ 25,000;
•  Dependent children of 6 to 17 years of age – US$ 75,000;

How can you acquire citizenship
of Antigua and Barbuda for money?
Choose an agent and request consultations
When contacting an immigration agent, you can acquire a free consultation on applying for Antiguan citizenship. The agent will suggest the optimal route depending on your personal situation and preferences.
Sign an agreement with the agent
and start preparing the application documents
When you sign a service agreement with the immigration agent, he/she will conduct preliminary due diligence procedures. If the results are satisfactory, the agent will help you collect and complete all the required application documents.
File the application for citizenship and pay the fees
The immigration agent will file the application for citizenship and all the supporting documents to the Antiguan authorities on your behalf as is required by the law. You will also have to pay a portion of the application processing fee at this stage to cover the costs of the official due diligence procedures.
Take time while the Antiguan authorities are
processing your application for citizenship
The Government officials will analyze the application for citizenship and carry out all the due diligence procedures. When the standings of all adults included in the application have been analyzed, the immigration authorities of the country will inform the agent about their decision. The application for citizenship can be approved or rejected. In certain cases, the authorities may request some additional documents.
Meet the financial obligations and acquire
citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda
If the application for citizenship has been approved, the foreign investor has to meet his/ her financial obligations. You can make a non-returnable donation to one of the Funds (NDF or UWIF) or make a returnable investment into real property or a business venture in the country. In addition, you will have to make all other required payments. After that, a naturalization certificate and an Antiguan passport will be issued to each (adult) applicant included in the application. The agent can send these documents to the address that you will have indicated.
Individual offer to those
seeking to acquire
citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda
We will be happy to make you a special offer if you apply for our consultations. Get in touch with an immigration agent today and acquire citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for money in a timely manner and WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES!
Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda
for money: FAQ
What are the basic facts about Antigua and Barbuda?
Antigua and Barbuda is an independent state in the West Indies (Caribbean basin) that has a maritime border with St Kitts and Nevis in the north and Guadeloupe in the south. The country is composed of two large islands – Antigua and Barbuda – located 63 kilometers apart and a series of smaller islands (including Guiana and Redonda). The city of St Johns is the capital of the country and the official currency is the East-Caribbean dollar.

The area of the country is 442.6 square kilometers. The population is 95.9 thousand people (as of 2018), 97% of which lives on the island of Antigua. Protestantism is the main confession on the islands as 68.3% of the residents are protestants.

The island of Antigua was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and named in the honor of Santa Maria La Antigua church. The island was colonized by Great Britain in 1632 while Barbuda was colonized later, in 1678. On November 1, 1981, the colonies became independent from the United Kingdom and they formed a unified state. The new country of Antigua and Barbuda joined the British Commonwealth of Nations. Officially, it is a unitary parliamentary monarchy.
Can Antiguan citizenship acquired by investment be annulled?
New citizens of Antigua and Barbuda shall spend at least 5 days in the country in total over their first 5 years as its citizens. You should abide by the law and do no harm to the international image of the country nor its people in order to retain your passport.
What should I consider when applying for Antiguan citizenship by investment into real estate?
The first thing to do is choose the construction company/ developer/ property owner that is qualified to participate in the national citizenship-by-investment program. Besides, you should appraise the investment potential of the property and learn about the reputation of its owner. When you have chosen the piece of property to buy, you have to sign a provisional purchase agreement. If your application for Antiguan citizenship is approved by the authorities, you finalize the deal and become the rightful owner of the property.
Can I acquire citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for Bitcoins?
The local Government is planning to start accepting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as payments for citizenship of the country. However, this financial instrument has not been put into full operation thus far.

On the other hand, some immigration agents as well as developers do accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and convert them into fiduciary money on their own. Besides, even though the US dollar is the official currency that the Antiguan citizenship-by-investment program utilizes, payments can be made in other national currencies such as euros, for instance.
Do I have to live in Antigua and Barbuda to qualify for citizenship of the country?
No, you do not have to live in the country for any period before applying for its citizenship. Moreover, you do not even have to visit Antigua and Barbuda to file the application for citizenship as the immigration agent that you hire can do it on your behalf. At the same time, you do have to spend at least 5 days in the country over the period of 5 years in order to qualify for passport extension (see below). Children below 18 included in the family application for citizenship do not have to fulfill this requirement however. Without doubt, you have every right to relocate to Antigua and Barbuda if you wish when holding the passport of the country.
What due diligence procedures are carried out in Antigua and Barbuda?
No personal interview is involved in the process of applying for Antiguan citizenship. However, the immigration authorities scrutinize the application documents and conduct stringent security checks of their own using international databases and they involve independent detective agencies in the process.
What term of validity does the newly acquired Antiguan passport have?
Initially, the new citizen of Antigua and Barbuda is issued a passport that is valid for five years. If you spend the required five days in the country over these five years, you will be issued a new passport valid for ten years.
On what grounds may the application for Antiguan citizenship by investment be rejected?
The application for Antiguan citizenship may be rejected for the following main reasons:
  • The applicant has supplied false information when submitting the application documents;
  • The main applicant or one of his/ her dependent family members has a serious health issue such as a contagious disease, for example;
  • The applicant has been denied a visa to one of the countries that have visa-free travel agreements with Antigua and Barbuda. If the applicant has been granted a visa to this country on a second (third, etc.) occasion, this limitation does not apply;
  • The applicant has been found guilty of a crime that entails a six-month (or longer) prison sentence in Antigua and Barbuda;
  • The applicant is under legal prosecution at the moment of application submission;
  • The applicant is a potential threat to the security of Antigua and Barbuda or any other country;
  • The applicant participates in an activity that may do harm to the international image of Antigua and Barbuda.
Can I acquire Antiguan citizenship without making an investment?
If you marry an Antiguan citizen, you are eligible to apply for citizenship of the country after three years in marriage. Citizens of the Commonwealth of Nations will qualify for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda after permanently living in the country for seven years. Any foreign national permanently residing in Antigua and Barbuda for seven years is eligible to apply for citizenship by naturalization.

Anyone born in Antigua and Barbuda after October 31, 1981 is deemed a citizen of the country (Jus soli, right of soil) with the exception of children born to foreign diplomats on their missions. If a person is born outside Antigua and Barbuda after October 31, 1981 and at least one of his/ her parents is a citizen of the country, he/ she is deemed a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda too (Jus sanguinis, right of blood).